Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Best Friends Part 2

Please read Part 1 first, if you haven't! Enjoy!

Best Friends Part 2

We were in my room, on a Saturday. I was sitting in the huge green armchair, with Alyssa on my lap. Evelyn sat on my bed and Keira was pacing as we all tried to decide what we should do for our spring break. We had two weeks off and we wanted to do something all together.
“Hmm. I really wanna fly somewhere.” Evelyn put in.
“I wanna be by the ocean.” I said.
“I wanna have fun.” Keira added.
Alyssa wasn’t paying attention. She was kissing my neck.
"Well." I started, breathing heavily as I tried not to focus on Alyssa's lips on my collarbone.
"Go on." Evelyn said, impatiently.
"I say we fly to Boston, stay a week, then drive up to Bar Harbor and stay for the other week." I finished feebly as Alyssa eventually stopped.
"Sounds good." She provided.
"Okay, it sounds like a plan." Evelyn agreed.
"As long as I get my parties." Keira mumbled.
Alyssa grinned and started kissing my neck again.

We were on the road. Evelyn was driving us to the airport. She and Keira had claimed the front seats, so me and Alyssa relaxed in the back. ;)
We were in the mood because the radio was playing Pittsburgh Slim. Evelyn kept rolling her eyes when she looked in the mirror and saw us two kissing.
Keira looked behind and snorted. "Is that as far as you two will go?"
Alyssa got indignant. "Let's see you and Evelyn go any farther!"
Evelyn stopped the car. "Fine."
Me and Alyssa got in the front, me driving, and Evelyn and Keira got in the back. There were noises from the back I was glad I didn't have to watch. Alyssa giggled and gasped and sighed.
I heard voices from the back that made me yet again glad I wasn't watching.
"Stop!" giggled Evelyn.
"Why?" Keira moaned.
"Not there!" Evelyn said, but her voice turned into a moan as well. Even without watching, I knew Keira had not listened to Evelyn and had gone 'there'.
We were approaching the toll.
Alyssa's voice turned serious. "Girls! Put your shirts back on! We're at the toll!"
Keira and Evelyn scrambled to get their clothes back on and seatbelts too, and they managed to do so in time. I paid the toll and we continued driving. At the next gas station, I pulled over and made Evelyn and Keira get back in the front seat again.

We got to the airport and checked in. We had 2 hours to wait so we hung around the shops and cafes and stuff. We were all hungry so we hung out in Fefe LeRouge, the airport's cafe, and all ordered. Alyssa got a Rasberry Mocha and a croissant, Evelyn got a black coffee and a New York cheesecake, Keira got an Ice Coffee and a Danish pastry, and I got a Vanilla Frappucito and a brownie. We all ate and drank and chatted. When we had one hour left, we paid and went off to our gate, each of us dragging our carry-ons.
We were in gate B32 so we headed towards the B gates. We were lucky that we didn't have to take any elevators or anything.
We made it to B32 and we found ourselves four seats next to each other, seeing as we were early.
Keira spotted a candy machine and ran over. She was a sucker for candy.
We saw her putting in coin after coin and pressing random buttons. Then, bag after bag of candy fell through the chute.
She came back carrying 5 bags of candy. She threw us each one and kept two to herself. Alyssa yawned and snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her and kissed her head.
I opened my new book, Return, and began to read.
Her hands were trembling as she undid the first button of her blouse. She was doing it slowly, so slowly that Dramira couldn't wait for her.
"Hurry up!" Dramira yelled.
"I can't!" Lemora whimpered. Dramira walked over and ripped open all Lemora's buttons at once. The white blouse fell to the floor. Dramira pulled her sister close and smelled her skin. Such a beautiful scent. Lemora closed her eyes, wishing that this was all just a bad dream. But it wasn't. Dramira pulled off her own black blouse, which dropped, slowly, next to Lemora's white. The sisters were close. Too close. Dramira could've counted all the freckles on Lemora's nose. Lemora's arms lay lank. She was not moving, not doing anything. Dramira's mouth was on Lemora's neck, moving down quickly.
My heart was pounding. I was so involved with the story, even though I was on the first page.
"We're boarding." Alyssa whispered in my ear, before kissing it. I smiled and put my book back in my handbag. We all got up, grabbed our suitcases and went to stand in line.
Each of us had our boarding passes and passports just in case we got separated.
Alyssa hung on to my hand, tightly. This was the first time she'd be on a plane and she was scared. Keira had made sure she booked us first class.
That comforted Alyssa a little bit.
"I'm so glad the first time I'm on a plane is with you, Raine." she murmured in my ear.
I reached over and kissed her neck, causing her to giggle and blush a deep crimson.

We were on the plane, already for an hour. Turned out, one of Keira's ex boyfriends was the captain and he was desperate to have her back. She did a little flirting and got us into the celeb area. There were white leather couches and plasma TVs and champagne glasses, etc.
Alyssa and I shared a couch and Evelyn and Keira shared another.
After a few glasses of champagne to calm the nerves, Alyssa was feeling a bit tipsy. (Yeah, I know I said we didn't get into alcohol...well, we did a little).
I had nothing against her behavior, seeing as she was kissing me every two seconds. Finally, I decided I wanted more. As she was swooping down to kiss my neck, I turned my head and she landed on my lips. Our tongues tied together and she pushed me down so I was laying on the couch and she was laying on top of me.
Her legs locked around my waist and her hands explored under my sweater (she was too drunk to get under my shirt). I was cursing myself for wearing a sweater. Keira wolf whistled and downed a mini bottle of champagne in one go. Evelyn grinned and helped herself to a mini champagne as well.
I untied my tongue from Alyssa's and moved my mouth down to her neck. She gave a drunken giggle and her mouth was eager to find mine again.
She had suddenly figured out how to unbutton my sweater.
Now only my shirt and her tank top were in the way. I cursed myself again for wearing a blouse.
I needn't have done so as she was unbuttoning my blouse rather quickly.
She had just finished the last button and was about to take the shirt off completely when she passed out.
"Damn shit!" I swore. Keira laughed and Evelyn grinned at me.
"Just your luck" Keira commented.
"Couldn't she make it to take off her own shirt?" I hadn't seen that yet, but I wanted to.
"Sorry, Charlie." Evelyn chuckled.
I swore again and gently lifted Alyssa off me before buttoning my shirt again. She had never even had a sip of wine before now. This was her first time with alcohol. She was bound to get crazy.
I felt guilty as I realized she probably wouldn't remember it when she woke up. I will never forget the taste of champagne on her tongue.

Part 3 coming soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Friends Part 1

The story I will first post is called Best Friends. I don't know how many parts there will be, but this is the first part. Keep looking for updates.
Hope you like the story.

Best Friends: Part 1

I had the three best friends ever.
Alyssa was one. She had pure blond hair and green eyes. She was skinny and the prettiest of all of us. She was sweet and quiet, and a romantic who'd never had a boyfriend.
Evelyn was another. She was the first of my best friends. She was tall and had very light brown hair and dark blue eyes. She wasn't a romantic at all. She didn't believe in love at all. She just thought you should have as much fun as you could before you grew up.
Keira was the last one. She was my newest best friend. She had blond hair with dark brown roots and dark brown eyes. She was the wackiest of all of us. She had had tons of boyfriends and loved to have fun. She always wanted to go to parties and get crazy.
And of course there was me, Raine. I had long dark brown hair and blue eyes. I loved my blue eyes. I wasn't exactly quiet, but I wasn't such a parties like Keira. I was also a romantic, just like Alyssa. I loved that we never got involved in alcohol or drugs or anything like that when we were teenagers.

We were the best friends ever. I was the closest with Alyssa. We were the most alike. Of course, I never told Evelyn or Keira that I liked Alyssa better. Alyssa knew I liked her best and she liked me best.

One day, Keira drove us all down to a little park by a lake. We were gonna have a picnic, all four of us. Well, a picnic without the food. :) No, we were just gonna hang out by the lake. I was depressed because my boyfriend, Sean, had broken up with me. Keira went and broke his nose, ah Keira. Evelyn swore at him with words I didn't even know of. And Alyssa gave me a huge hug and said she was sorry, but she had a look in her eyes. I knew she never liked Sean. It was Evelyn's idea. She had wanted to cheer me up.
"Okay, we're here, babes." Keira grinned. I gazed out my window, glumly. Alyssa reached over and squeezed my hand.
"Come on, guys." Evelyn rolled her eyes. We all piled out of Keira's car and sat by the lake.
"Gosh." Evelyn complained. "Keira, come with me to get some donuts."
Alyssa stayed with me as Evelyn and Keira drove off to Tim Hortons to get some donuts for us.
Alyssa looked guilty for some reason.
"What's wrong, Alyssa?" I asked her, looking at her face, trying to read her gorgeous green eyes.
"I...I have a confession." she looked at me.
"I think...I think I like you. Like...really like you."
My heart swooped around confusedly in my body, not knowing what it felt. I stared at the lake and Alyssa stared at me. My heart hadn't felt anything for Sean for a while, even when we were dating. I knew I had liked someone, but I didn't know who.
My heart finally chose its final decision.
"I like you, too, Alyssa."
She smiled hugely. "Really, Raine?"
I smiled back. "Yes."
We hugged each other. Then I got up the nerve to ask. "Alyssa, will you go out with me?"
She stared at me. "Yes! Yes, yes, a million times yes!"
We hugged again and I gently kissed her forehead. I had never imagined I would date one of my best friends. But I realized that I really liked Alyssa.
Keira and Evelyn came back and saw me and Alyssa holding hands.
"Uhh...are we missing something?" Keira asked.
"Well...yes." Alyssa grinned.
"I guess you could say Alyssa and I are dating." I informed them.
"Hot." Evelyn said at the same time Keira yelled: "Sexy!"
Alyssa and I laughed.
"Well, lemme see some'in'!" Keira cheered.
Evelyn nodded. "Yeah, let's see some action."
"Nah." Alyssa said, smartly.
"Yeah, we're gonna go slow." I smiled at Alyssa and she smiled back.
Keira rolled her eyes and Evelyn pretended to retch.
"Okay, well, here are the donuts." Keira and Evelyn sat down next to us.
Alyssa took out a vanilla covered donut with red sprinkles all over it. She took a bite, then held it in front of my mouth for me to take a bite.

Our first date was at the mall. We held hands and walked through the mall. At one point, I let go of her hand and slipped my arm around her waist, ever so subtly. She slid her hand around my shoulders, as I was taller. We went to all sorts of stores like H&M and Peek and Cloppenburg and Deb and all the little local shops. We ended up in Darling Me, the cafe. People stared at us, noticed how we held hands at the table, and people definitley watched as we shared a strawberry smoothie. We went to the outside area and I held her close. Our bodies were touching and I felt wonderful heat producing from her. She smelled like Vanilla Sprinkle body spray. My hands were wrapped around her waist and her hands on my neck, ruffling my hair. I was completely in the moment. All I could think about was her and her body, so close to mine, and her smell and the look of her lips, slightly parted, slightly wet, trembling and looking so inviting. I bent down and kissed her. People definitley stared then. But I didn't care. All I could focus on was kissing her. She tasted like white chocolate and strawberry smoothie.

Part 2 coming soon!